Note to Public Figures & Celebrities
Responding to Fan Contact with Love

In August 2006, I had occasion to communicate to several "celebrities" (this is not a term I generally recognize). These public persons declined to communicate back to me, or acknowledge my substantive outreach in any way. Indeed, they behaved in an insensitive and nonloving way in response to my attempt at contact.

This experience has given me insight into loving vs. nonloving ways to respond when a fan or other private person attempts to communicate with, or otherwise contact, you, the public figure or celebrity.

As such, you probably have the upper hand in the power relationship with the fan. In view of this, especially, the love ethic dictates that you negotiate such attempts at contact in a loving way, according to the relevant Agape principles and techniques.

Please contact me for discreet counsel in this area, and to learn these principles and techniques.

~ Love Yourself, Love Others ~