"The greatest challenge of the day is: how to bring about a revolution of the heart, a revolution
which has to start with each one of us?"

-- Dorothy Day



Until January 2009, content on this page was written to persuade interested persons to make a needed contribution of money or time to The Agape Order. I spoke of the unique nature of this organization and the importance of its mission, counterposed against the difficulty that I, as a lone, resource-poor individual, endure in financing and maintaining it.

However, I've decided to, and have, removed this content and discontinued efforts to solicit financial contributions:  in this interminable age of the related gremlins of profitmaking and duplicity, rooted partly in narcissism, if there is one human impulse, one endeavor, indeed, one principal that must be preserved whole and kept pristine, free of even the slightest appearance of taint or any motivation anything less than completely genuine, it is this one, the Agape message. The principal of Agape is simply too important; our world in need of it so categorically and certainly. People must believe, wholly and without reservation, in the veracity and fidelity of this endeavor; this is imperative. Anything that poses even the slightest possibility of damage to this belief cannot stand.

To be clear:  if someone elects to contribute money it will be accepted; however, I will not solicit it. Of course, contributions of time are accepted, as well.

Agape Regards,

The Agape Order

~ Love Yourself, Love Others ~